There is not a single registered voter in our district, state, or nation who has not had their life positively impacted by a teacher. I support our teachers. I received my Bachelors degree in Education and held a valid teaching certificate in 1993. I continued my education with a Masters in Education Administration and Supervision. 

Agriculture - No Farm, No Food

In WV, 98% of our farms are small family farms.  My family and I operate a small beef cattle operation. I look forward to supporting legislation to further agriculture in our state and give back to those who built America. 

Drug Epidemic

We must provide the necessary resources and support to our law enforcement officers so they are able to effectively do their job. We must allocate services and programs to aid people in becoming productive members of society. Our officers need help battling the drug crisis in WV. 

Vocational Opportunities

We must continue to promote and support the value of our vocational system. Our vocational systems enable our children, our future, to become artisans and vital members to our community. 


We have the natural resources here to harvest and produce to allow for sustainable jobs for our West Virginians. Our President has made adjustments to the EPA regulations that have allowed us to again produce clean coal. 

Corrections and the Regional Jail System

Our jails are under-staffed, and our jail employees are under-paid.  I want to work toward a solution that would allow those working in corrections to have more sustainable pay and create a more reasonable officer-inmate ratio.

Medical Marijuana

The time has come to support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use, rather than relying solely on opioids. 


I am committed to honoring the brave men and women who have selflessly served our country.  They deserve our support. 

Jobs, Small Business, Economy

Being a small business owner myself, I want to be a champion for small businesses and creating jobs in WV.